Best Earphones under 500 rs in India

Best Earphones under 500 rs in India

India is the second largest smartphone market in the world. Every year billions of smartphones are sold in India and the majority of Indian smartphone market is dominated by Chinese manufactures. Most of the Chinese manufactures like xiaomi (Mi), realme,vivo etc.. Offers value for money phones that fits our pockets. But most of the company’s excluded earphones from the retail box to cut the cost especially under 15000 price point. I feel earphones or in ear headphones are one of the must have accessory for all smartphone users. In the past 7-8 years I have used a lot of earphones ranging from 100rs local market earphones to 20k+ audiophile grade earphones. So in this post I will be sharing some of the best earphones you can buy in India under 500rs.

If you ask me why 500?. Then I would say 500rs is a good starting point if you want to experience change of quality in your music. The price of this In Ear Headphones fluctuates from time to time so I will be putting amazon links if you are interested in buying them

Please try to read through the points I have included under each earphone. That’s because taste of music is very subjective and it varies from person to person. I will try to divide everything between pros and cons.

Most of the earphones listed here has a mic. If any of them doesn’t have it I will point that out in the cons

I will update this list every month (if some new contender comes for this list) so you don’t have to worry about that.

Best Earphones Under 500 rs in 2020

Realme Buds 2 In Ear Headphones // Overall Best under 500rs

1. Realme Buds 2

Currently my number one pick under 500 rs is undoubtedly the realme buds 2. Some might say its 599rs but believe me during most of the sales it comes under 500rs (499). Even if you pay 600 I believe it’s worth it because Realme Buds 2 have exceptional sound quality and build quality for the price.


  • Built quality is exceptional.
  • It has braided cable which feels premium and durable
  • Cable organizer is included with the earphones, which will help you with tangle free storage
  • The magnets are also there but honestly I don’t care much about magnets in a wired earphone
  • The 3 button remote is a nice touch, you can adjust the volume, control your tracks and take calls
  • 11.2mm driver definitely boosts the bass without disturbing other parts of the spectrum, if you love the elevated bass you can blindly go for it
  • The highs or the treble is not bad which adds liveliness to the sound


  • It comes with a straight 3.5mm jack, I would prefer an L plug as L plugs are usually more durable than straight ones
  • The warranty is only 6 months
  • As of now it’s available in only 3 colors. Black, Orange and Green, I like the black but the 2 other colors are very bright according to my taste (it’s not a big disadvantage but it’s something you should know).

Check Out The Current Price of Realme Buds 2

BoAt BassHeads 225 // Premium build & Bass Under 500rs

2. BoAt BassHeads 225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones

If you love bass and your budget is strictly under 500rs this is the one for you. The 10 mm drivers provides good amounts of bass but it bleeds a little bit into the Mids. The earbuds are made of metal and it has a tangle free flat cable (that’s just a marketing term, but in general flat cables tangle a bit less compared to round ones).  It normally sells under 500rs but its price fluctuates quite a bit. I have seen this earphone selling for 600rs and even for 425rs. I have also tested boAt BassHeads 152, boAt BassHeads 162 and both come with a braided cable but I prefer the sound of BassHeads 225.


  • Price is normally under 500rs
  • Bass is Good, so bass heads will be satisfied
  • The higher frequencies (treble) also feels nice (a bit relaxed but well)
  • The build quality is good. Earbuds are made of metal (That can also be a disadvantage if you live in a cold place).
  • The cable is flat so it will be less tangling compared to round cables
  • It has an L shaped 3.5mm jack
  • BoAt BassHeads 225 is available in lot of colers black, blue, Frosty White, Molten Orenge, Red, forest green etc…


  • It may not stay in the ear for some people. Due to weight of the earbuds (it’s made of metal as I mentioned earlier) and flat cable sometimes it slides out of my ear. May not be an issue for everyone but I had to mention it.
  • Due to overpowering bass it sometimes bleeds into the vocals
  • It protrudes a bit more compared to the realme buds so if you sleeps sidewise to a pillow with this it may be uncomfortable. Same thing applies if you want to use it inside a helmet
  • It has only a one button remote

Check Out The Current Price of BoAt BassHeads 225

Mi Earphone Basic // For Those who dislike boosted bass

3. Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra deep bass and mic

If you are not fan of boosted bass this earphone will satisfy you. Don’t be fooled by “Ultra deep bass” in its name. For my ears the bass feels not boosted at all. That doesn’t mean the bass is not there but it’s more controlled than our first choice. This one normally retails for 399rs and during sales, price comes down to 349rs. Even though it’s a mi earphone it’s designed and manufactured by One More (in fact all mi earphones are made by one more). So it shares the design elements of more pricy earphones like the one more piston fit (not that premium it’s still under 1000rs) and Mi Earphones (Dynamic bass) (priced around 700rs)


  • Price is just 400rs (Sale price is usually 350rs)
  • Bass is not elevated so it feels clearer
  • Mic Quality is exceptional, you can have clear calls without any issue
  • Its available in red and black colors, I like both
  • It has a L shaped 3.5mm jack which is normally more durable compared to straight plugs  


  • If you are a bass lover probably this one will disappoint you (Mi also have a bass boosted version of this, but that one cost 600rs)
  • It only has a one button remote so music and volume is hard to control
  • Wire is not braided unlike the realme buds 2 (actually there no other earphone with braided cable in this list except realme buds 2)

Check Out The Current Price of Mi Earphone Basic

Philips ActionFit SHQ1200WT/28 // For those who need something Different

4. Philips ActionFit SHQ1200WT/28 In-ear Headphones

If you are looking for an old apple earpodes style earphone this is the one for you. It has a 2 color combination style and in my opinion it looks gorgeous. In fact with rubber ear tips this one fits better than old apple earpodes and it stays in the ear. Philips Action Fit normally sells for around 500rs (499) and you will get this for 450 during sales


  • It’s very comfortable to ware. It fits and feels the ear completely different than any other earphones in this list
  • Its available in many colors like Black & White, Orange and Grey, pink purple etc.. Personally I think Black & White, Orange and Grey looks more stylish
  • Bass Feels Good. With its large 13.5 mm driver (largest driver in this list) the bass feels fuller and wider
  • Sound stage is even bigger than Realme buds 2
  • It has an L plug and it’s considerably thicker than many others at this price point


  • The design is completely different than your normal earbuds. This can be a good thing or bad thing depending on your preference
  • It does not have a microphone or a remote

Check Out The Current Price of Philips ActionFit SHQ1200WT

BoAt BassHeads 100 // Lightweight and Comfortable

5. BoAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones with Mic

BoAt makes some good earphones at the budget price segment and this is their cheapest product. By “Cheapest” I only mean the price, it’s a pretty good sounding and unique looking earphone for the price. It normally sells under 400rs sometimes you can get this even under 350. It’s a direct competitor to Mi Earphone Basic in both price and sound. If we compare both I prefer the bass of MI and the treble of BoAt BassHeads 100


  • Price is only around 379rs and during sales it comes down to 325rs
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • It has a unique look and they call it the “Hawk” design
  • The highs or the treble is good (better compared to mi basic), so you will feel more clarity in your music
  • It’s available in 4 colors Black, White, Furious Red & Taffy Pink (I personally prefer Black & Furious Red)
  • The call Quality from the mic is good


  • Bass is not that great, I would rather prefer the bass of mi basic than this
  • It has a straight plug, an L shaped jack was better. There is also no proper reinforcement to that straight plug.
  • Wire after the Y split is a bit thinner than my liking
  • It also has a one button remote

Check Out The Current Price of BoAt BassHeads 100

Infinity (JBL) Zip 20 // For bike riders

6. Infinity (JBL) Zip 20 in-Ear Deep Bass Headphones with Mic

If you are looking for the perfect earphone for your bike riding this is the one for you. Due to the small size this one will perfectly fit inside your helmet. Its made by JBL and that small form factor didn’t affect the driver size (it has a 10mm) driver. The bass is not that boosted like other popular JBL earphones but the clarity is good. It has a different look and the overall shape reminds me of sennheiser cx180. It normally sells for 399rs and you will get a 50rs reduction during lightning deals.


  • Considering its unique capabilities the 399 price point is definitely a plus
  • Light weight and comfortable to ware (especially while using with a helmet)
  • The sound feels clear and clean compared to many others at same price segment
  • Good build quality considering the price
  • It Has an L shaped connector
  • Thick cable up to the Y split (thicker than both Mi Earphone Basic & BoAt BassHeads 100)
  • It’s available in lot of colors – Black, Blue, Black & Blue, Black & Orange, Black & Red, Red etc.
  • One year manufactures warranty


  • Bass is not elevated (boosted), so if you are a bass head it’s better to avoid this
  • The cable thickness after the Y split is just average
  • Due to the small design it may not fit deep in the ear (if you like the fit of cx180 this one should be fine)

Check Out The Current Price of Infinity (JBL) Zip 20

Artis E400M // Light on both ears and wallet

7. Artis E400M in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Artis E400M is another good choice for those who are looking for a small light weight earphone. It sits very comfortably inside the ear and you don’t even notice it’s there. It have a semitransparent cable which looks nice but will get dirty with time (you can clean it). This one also sells for 399 but you can get it on lightning deal for 349rs


  • Light weight and comfortable
  • The bass is overpowered and the sound is clear (This one has a V shaped sound signature)
  • Treble or the highs are a bit elevated so if you are a treble head this might satisfy you
  • Perfectly fit inside a helmet
  • Has an L shaped plug


  • For some songs the treble is a bit more than my liking
  • Even it has an overpowering bass it’s more like a boomy bass instead of thumping bass
  • Due to the extended treble I don’t like to use this for extended listening sessions
  • There is only 2 colors available (Black & White). I personally prefer black

Check Out The Current Price of Artis E400M

Honorable Mentions

Sony MH755 // The forgotten legend

1. Sony MH750, Sony MH755

If you ask me what’s my favorite sounding earphone under 500rs. I would undoubtedly say its sony mh750. I even prefer that over most of the famous earphones in India under 1000rs like the cx180 or the one more piston fit.  Then why didn’t I included that in this list ??. There are some reasons for that. Before that let me introduce both of the earphones

Both of them are discontinued earphones from Sony. The sony mh755 was specifically designed for using with their Bluetooth adapters so that one have a very short cable doesn’t have a mic. The mh750 used to get bundled with their premium xperia phones in the past. Which does have a regular sized cable and a mic. Both of them are discontinued many years ago. I had both of them in my school days (Back in 2006-2012)

Now coming to the reasons

1. Its very hard to get an original especially from India

I tried buying many times from both flipkart and amazon in search of an original but I never succeeded. There is a lot of listings I made at least 10 purchases in last few years but none of them were original so I had to return all of them. Then I started searching in international sites like aliexpress. Finally I was able to get an original of mh755, so I ordered 3 more and now I have 4 LOL. I got them for under 300rs/piece. I am still in search for an original mh755

I will leave the links for the aliexpress listings I used to purchase the mh755 but I can’t guarantee you will get an original piece. That’s the main reason I skipped my favorite sounding earphone from this list.

You should know a couple of more things if you plan to purchase the mh755.

  • Don’t buy the black ones. Black ones are probably fake from my experience
  • It’s hard to get refund from aliexpress sellers by saying “it is not original”. They will probably ask you to return the item that will cost you at least 3 times the price of the product. Or they will only give you a partial refund. Don’t get me wrong if you didn’t received the product they will give you a full refund (in most cases)
  • It can take a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months to receive a product when you order from aliexpress  

2. Cable length of mh755

As I said earlier the mh755 was specifically designed for Bluetooth adaptors so the cable is very short (something like .75m). So either you have to buy an extension cable or you have to rewire the earphone with detachable connectors like mmcx or 0.75mm 2 pin or rewire it with a long cable. Both methods can take the price over 500rs.

If I can get an original of Sony mh755 this cable length won’t be an issue, so if I hit that lottery, I will update it here

I don’t want you to go through all this hustle that’s why I didn’t included both in this list. You can blindly go for our picks in the list I am pretty sure majority will be satisfied with that.

Links to aliexpress listings are given below. once again do not order black ones.

Check Out The Current Price of Sony MH755 [Aliexpress]

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