Poco X2 vs Realme X2, Which One is “The X2”

Poco X2 vs Realme X2, Which One is “The X2”

Finally, we got to see another Poco phone in the market after 1.5 years. The original Poco f1 was released back in August 2018. Honesty We were expecting another flagship killer like Poco f1, but sad to say Poco X2 is not that. It is a good upper-midrange device with some flagship features like 120 Hz display and sony’s flagship IMX686 camera sensor. No doubt it’s a great phone for the money but just these aspects don’t make it a flagship killer like the original Poco f1.

Before the release of Poco X2, Realme X2 was the best phone for most people under 20000rs. It comes with a snapdragon 730G, which is the 4th fastest processor of snapdragon as of now (after 855+, 855 and 845). It comes with a good Quality Amoled display (Samsung Panel) and a 64mp quad camera setup.

Now let’s compare both X2’s Head to Head and Let’s See which one prevails for your needs.

Poco X2 vs Realme x2 Display Comparison


This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the ideal one for you.

Realme x2 comes with a 6.4-inch super AMOLED display with a Full HD+ resolution and 403ppi pixel density. It uses a good quality Samsung panel and has very punchy and vibrant colors. The screen to body ratio is around 84.3%

On the other hand, Poco x2 comes with a larger 6.67-inch IPS LCD display, But the Poco f2 has a refresh rate of 120hz compared to 60hz of Realme X2. A higher refresh rate means smoother animations so you will feel more fluidity while scrolling and gaming. It also has a higher screen to body ratio of 88.8% (higher screen to body ratio means less bezel’s) vs 84.3% of Realme x2. Due to the larger screen size and same resolution, the pixel density reduces to 386ppi compared to Realme x1


There is no clear winner here, so it’s a : Tie

It’s your preference,

If you mainly use your phone for media consumption like watching movies, you may want to go with Realme x2 because that super AMOLED display can make a difference.

If you mainly use the phone for gaming browsing or any other activities which require a lot of interaction with the screen Poco x2 should be your choice. That’s because then you can take advantage of the 120hz refresh rate. Currently, there are only a few games that support higher refresh rates but in the future, there will be more.

Front and back Cameras of Poco X2 and Realme X2


Both of them come with similar quad-camera setup on the back, 64mp main camera, 8mp ultra-wide, 2mp macro and a 2mp depth-sensing unit.

On paper, it may look the same but the main camera of Realme x2 is a Samsung 64mp GW1 sensor with f1.8 aperture and for Poco x2 the main camera uses a Sony IMX686 sensor with f1.9 aperture. Here the Poco x2 has a considerable advantage because of that sony’s flagship sensor. The Poco x2 outperforms the Realme x2 in almost all conditions like artificial lighting, low light, and outdoor shots.

In the front Realme comes with a 30mp selfie shooter and the Poco comes with a 20mp dual camera setup. The Poco x2 has an additional 2mp depth-sensing unit to the front which helps with better edge detection in portrait shots. For my eyes, the front camera of Poco x2 performs better than Realme in selfies.

In terms of video, I prefer the stock camera app on Realme over Poco, But while using Open Camera (which I normally use for video) I feel the Poco captures better video than the Realme. 


In my opinion here we have Clear winner and that is: Poco X2

Realme x2 on the left with 4000mah battery, Poco X2 on the right with 4500mah battery

Battery Life and Charging Speed

I always prefer to see both battery life and charging speed as a single variable.

Poco X2 has a higher battery capacity, it comes with a 4500mah battery compared to 4000mah of Realme X2. With that being said the larger display and the 120hz refresh rate of Poco X2 will consume more battery compared to Realme X2. The Realme X2 comes with a faster-charging speed of 30w and Poco Has a charging Speed of 27w.


As I said earlier both of them have good battery life that can last a day for most of the users.

Poco X2 has an advantage in battery life. It will not be huge if you are using the phone on 120 Hz refresh rate

Realme X2 has a marginal increase in charging speed

If I have to pick a winner here it will be: Poco X2, because I prefer a larger battery than faster-charging speed.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, Processor of both X2’s

Processor and GPU

Both come with the same Processor and GPU. As I said in the intro both come with snapdragon 730G, which is made on the 8nm process. The processor is very power efficient and a good performer in terms of gaming and other activities. It’s the 4 fastest Snapdragon processor on the market and you won’t find anything faster than this except in the good old Poco f1 (The Poco f1 comes with SD845, which is the 3rd fastest SD processor).

Both come with Adreno 618 GPU, which is a good upper midrange GPU for gaming. You can smoothly play games like Pubg, Asphalt 8, Call of Duty, etc.. Without any issues.


There is no winner here it’s a: Tie

Current Prices of different versions of Poco X2 and Realme X2

Price and value for money

Both Realme x2 and Poco x2 comes in 3 Varients.

Realme comes with 4/64 (4gb ram, 64gb internal storage), 6/128 and 8/128.

Poco x2 comes with 6/64, 6/128, and 8/256 ram and storage variants.

If we compare the prices the base version of Realme x2 comes at 17k (16999) and the base version of Poco x2 comes at 16k (15999). So the base version of Poco x2 is 1000rs cheaper than the Realme, but that’s not it. The base version of Realme only has only 4gb ram but Poco gives you 6gb ram at 1000rs less.

If we compare the price difference of similar versions of both devices (both have 6/128 variants). 6/128 variant of Realme x2 comes for 19k rs and 6/128 of Poco X2 comes at 17k rs, that’s 2000rs difference.

If we compare the top end models both have similar prices at 20k rs but in that case, also Poco x2 wins because the top model of Poco x2 has 256gb of internal storage compared to 128gb of Realme x2. In my opinion that additional 128gb internal storage worth more than 2000rs.

So, in my opinion, all variants of Poco x2 is more value for money than Realme x2.


Here we have a clear winner and that is: Poco X2

Software and overall User Experience

Both of them come with their skin on top of android. Poco X2 comes with android 10 out of the box but Realme X2 comes with android 9 (android pie) out of the box. With that being said Realme will release the android 10 for X2 soon.

Realme X2 comes with ColorOs 6 and Poco X2 comes with MIUI 11. Being a Poco Phone, Unlike other Redmi phones, Poco x2 has the Poco launcher and other additional Poco features.

ColorOs is not bad but I prefer MIUI (Just a personal Preference) over that. The main drawback of MIUI is the ads but being a Poco phone I think there will not be ads. Poco f1 doesn’t had any annoying ads and the Poco team had announced there will not be any ads in their phones.

120 Hz screen on Poco X2 does make a huge impact on the user experience, as everything was noticeably smoother and faster compared to the Realme X2.


Preference of custom skins are Personal Choice but due to that smooth performance this round goes to: Poco X2

Software Updates

Unlike some other budget manufacturers, Realme and Poco are good at providing timely updates.

But i would like to give a slight edge to the Poco service team on software updates. That’s because Poco f1 got regular updates and security patches for the last 1.5 years. They added many features like the Widevine L1 support, upgraded the bugs on the notification panel, etc. in a timely fashion.

I am not saying Realme is bad on updates, I am just saying Poco is better as of now. That may be because they only had one phone to manage. Keep in mind that don’t take this comment for all MI phones, because mi sometimes ignored the bugs, for example, the camera bug on Redmi note 7 pro got fixed only after 6 months.


Based on Past Experiences the winner is: Poco X2


Luckily both of them have that good old 3.5mm jack and that’s a huge plus. There is not much to say sound output through both 3.5mm headphone jack and the speakers is way better in Realme X2 compared to Poco X2


Here we have a clear winner that is: Realme X2

Ports of both phones, Realme x2 on the left, Poco X2 on the right

Ports and Slots

Both of them have the same ports which include 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB c connector. On sim and memory card slots that’s not the case as Realme x2 has a 2 sim, dedicated memory card tray ware as Poco x2 only has a hybrid dual sim/memory card slot (ie, that is you can only use memory card if you don’t use 2 sims).


Here also we have a clear winner and that is: Realme X2

Front and Back Views of poco X2 and realme X2, Poco on the left, Realme on the Right

Build and looks

Both of them good construction with gorilla glass 5 on both front and back.

The Poco x2 is heavier compared to Realme due to the larger battery overall larger footprint.

Looks is completely subjective, as of now both are available in 3 color options

Realme comes in Pearl Blue, Pearl White and Pearl Green Colors and Redmi come in Atlantis Blue, Matrix Purple, and Phoenix Red colors.


It’s a: Tie

With that being said I like the design of Poco X2 more, because of the camera placement in the center. (IMO, Camera’s placed on side brakes easily during a drop) but that’s just a personal preference.

If you want a small and lightweight phone you may go with Realme x2

Finger Print scanners, Realme on the left, Poco on the right

Security and Accessibility

Realme x2 comes with a fast in-display fingerprint scanner and Poco X2 has the good old capacitive physical fingerprint scanner.

The physical fingerprint scanner of Poco is integrated with the power button and is side-mounted.

We can use the front camera for the face unlock on both of them but there is no additional sensor for that (like the old Poco f1)


It’s also a: Tie

With that being said I still prefer a physical fingerprint scanner over an in-display one because it’s more reliable in case of screen breakage.

Other features

Let’s take a look at some other features unique to each phone

Poco X2

Poco X2 has an IR blaster, which you can use as a remote for your TV, AC, etc..

Poco X2 has a p2i water repellent nano coating, hence it is Splash Proof

Conclusions and Recommendations

In my opinion for the most part I would recommend Poco X2 over Realme X2.  With that being said if you really want a dedicated memory card slot, smaller form factor, or that Samsung AMOLED display you may go with Realme X2. For every other aspects I feel Poco x2 is a much better value for money than Realme x2

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